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Click here to listen to samples from all 14 songs on the "Our Secret" CD.

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Lori Nicely is a rare new talent in composing contemporary piano and instrumental music.  Lori's music has been used for national TV and radio programming, and selections from her debut music CD, "Our Secret" have been included on the playlists of many Top 10 Adult Contemporary/Smooth Jazz radio stations around the country.  Lori's sound has been likened to that of hit composer David Foster, with singable melodies and lush instrumentation, having the versatility to be effective for both film music background and for pure listening enjoyment.   David Foster's long time saxophonist, David Boruff, is featured on several tracks of the "Our Secret" CD.

Click here to hear samples of all 14 songs from Lori Nicely's CD, "Our Secret" featuring Top 40 and movie/TV soundtrack sax soloist David Boruff.

Click here to listen to Lori's stirring rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner," which was featured as the opening for the Chris Core show on WMAL AM news-talk radio, Washington, DC

  • C-SPAN's Peabody Award-Winning "American Presidents: Life Portraits" series.
    (TV series and radio promotions advertising the show and videos)  
  • 25th Annual Gracie Allen Awards - New York. Click here for details and photos!
  • WJZW's "America's Jazz Festival"at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. Click here for photos!
  • Original arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner - featured opening for the Chris Core Show on WMAL-AM Newstalk Radio, Washington, DC

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Thought about advertising? Thought about using original music in your advertising? There are several advantages of having original music in your advertisements. Among the top 3 are:

1. You can have an original theme that is original to your product, service, etc., and use variations of that theme for many commercials over many years (e.g., Lexus Christmas commercial).

2. The theme creates an emotional connection with the audience. The theme music or jingle helps gives your product or service an identity and brings it to life (something that can’t be achieved through print advertising or broadcast advertising using “canned music”).

3. Over time, when people hear the music associated with the product, they automatically think of the product (with or without seeing it – they hear it and automatically visualize it).






Lori Nicely is a music composer, arranger, and consultant who lives in Rockville, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC. In addition to being a music composer, Lori also has worked in radio advertising and does business consulting to private and Federal Government clients. Lori is a natural at music and writing melodies, having taught herself piano at age 9, and composed music that has been broadcast nationally and internationally. In working with the business community, Lori has a well rounded perspective on the best use of original music in advertising. She has worked in the radio advertising trenches, has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications, and a Master’s degree in Organization Development. Lori is married and has a wonderful daughter and two dogs.

  I’m working on a funk single with vocals. Can’t wait to release!

  The stories behind the songs!